Business Services

Starting and running a successful business requires skill, stamina, and passion. Keeping a business running requires access to resources, including the guidance of a good business lawyer.

As a small business itself, Jefferson Legal Group, P.C., takes a special interest in helping foster the aspirations of like-minded business owners by providing small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with all of the benefits of having their own attorney on staff, but without the high cost. We can help with incorporation, LLC and LLP formation, as well as corporate structuring and restructuring in the State of Colorado. We also assist small businesses and entrepreneurs by drafting legal documents, from website Terms of Service and Privacy Policies to Employee Contracts and LLC Operating Agreements. At Jefferson Legal we are committed to protecting your business and helping it grow. Additionally, when your business has run its course, we can help you end a partnership or dissolve a corporation or LLC, resolving issues of money and control. Whatever stage your business is in, Jefferson Legal Group can offer the sound advice necessary to get the most out of what you’ve worked for.

Business Contract Law: The success of your new business will be dependent upon a variety of contracts that structure your commercial transactions. We advise business owners on all matters relating to their legal and commercial transactions, drafting:

  • Operating agreements, corporate resolutions, and other corporate governance documents
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Vendor and customer contracts
  • Independent contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Promissory notes and guarantees
  • Commercial property leases
  • Shareholder agreements